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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers That Lead to Healing

Dr. Murphy loves answering our patients’ questions so they can better understand their treatment options and enjoy peace of mind throughout their recovery process. Rather than looking up information on the internet that may not even apply to your situation, you can get the personalized knowledge you need straight from an osteopathic doctor in your area! You’ll find answers to some of our most popular questions below, but if there is anything else you’d like to ask, be sure to get in touch with our team.

What is Wellness Functional Medicine?

Wellness Functional Medicine combines modern medical knowledge with less common treatments like medical acupuncture and regenerative techniques to help patients overcome both acute and chronic conditions. It’s designed to enable the body to fully heal itself and treats the whole person, with the goal being lasting health and wellness, not just an abatement of symptoms.

What can you do about my back/neck/knee pain?

Quite a bit actually! Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) and/or medical acupuncture can provide immediate pain relief while PRP, biologic cell therapy, or prolotherapy enable your body to heal at an accelerated rate. Dr. Murphy can treat any part of the body using a personalized approach that doesn’t involve powerful drugs or surgery.

I’ve been to several other doctors and haven’t seen results. What will you do differently?

The problem that many doctors run into is that they treat someone’s symptoms without addressing the underlying cause, which can be unintuitive and difficult to find. Dr. Murphy always focuses on the source of an issue and addresses it directly, which as you can imagine, does an amazing job of making unpleasant symptoms disappear. He also takes a more comprehensive and holistic approach than traditional doctors so that the entire body feels better at the end of the healing process, not just one specific part.

Which one should I get: biologic cell therapy, prolotherapy, Prolozone, or PRP?

These treatments all help the body heal in different ways, and the right one for each patient depends on a wide variety of factors, ranging from the type of condition to someone’s desired recovery timeline to their budget and more. Rather than giving you a recommendation here that will just be a guess, you can schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Murphy so he can examine you and recommend which treatment(s) might be best for your situation.

Will my health insurance pay for medical marijuana?

Right now, most private and government supported health plans do NOT cover medical marijuana treatments. Fortunately, our practice offers financing with CareCredit to make this type of care, and any other therapy we provide, easily affordable.