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Wellness Functional Medicine - Orlando, FL

Getting Your Body Back in Sync

Older man jogging after receiving wellness functional medicine

Do you feel tired every day no matter how much you sleep? Are you constantly working around aches or pains or have to carefully plan your meals because most foods make you feel sick? Have previous doctors not been able to help? Dr. Derek Murphy can use wellness functional medicine in Orlando, FL to discover what is causing your problems if you don’t already know, and then he can put together a program to treat the source of the issue, not just the symptoms. The solution you need is closer than you might think—contact us today to get started with a program for wellness and functional medicine in Orlando, FL.

Why Choose Holistic Medicine Wellness Center for Wellness Functional Medicine?

  • Natural Approach That Effectively Treats Chronic Conditions
  • Holistic Care That Considers the Entire Body
  • Completely Personalized Programs for Each Patient

Gut Health/ GI Stool Tests

Patient in need of gut health check holding stomach in pain

Your digestive system is home to billions of bacteria. Some of them are helpful when it comes to digestions, while others can cause irritation and inflammation. A stool test gives Dr. Murphy the ability to know what is going on in your gut so he can check the levels of bacteria and discover if you have common issues like leaky gut, stomach inflammation, or parasites. Depending on his findings, he can then recommend the appropriate treatment to restore your gut’s natural balance.

Chronic Conditions & Autoimmune Disorders

Patient with knee pain holding leg

People who have been battling chronic conditions and autoimmune disorders are usually extremely frustrated by the time they come to see us, and that’s because they’ve visited multiple doctors, gone through countless treatments, and still experience unpleasant symptoms. Dr. Murphy has been able to effectively treat a variety of autoimmune issues by approaching them from a nutritional and metabolic perspective. By adjusting someone’s diet, he can discover what triggers the negative immune response and help a patient learn how to prevent it so they can live a normal life.

Refractive Anxiety & Depression

Anxious patient chewing nail

Anxiety and depression are at record high levels these days, and many people aren’t finding relief using traditional solutions (like therapy or medication), forcing them to simply live with their problem or bounce from treatment to treatment without seeing results. Many patients who experience mood disorders have various stomach problems, which can be the cause of their mental health issues. Mose of the patients who are experiencing these issues have not tried many of the services offered by Dr. Murphy, and he can combine them in a unique way to suit each patient’s situation so it helps them enjoy renewed mental health.

Non-Traditional Conditions

Woman with headache holding temple

Often, patients come to see us without having a clue what is actually bothering them. They don’t know why they’re in pain or never seem to have energy, and the previous 10 doctors they’ve visited haven’t helped either. Does this sound familiar? With wellness functional medicine, Dr. Murphy can discover the root cause of someone’s ailment and treat it directly rather than just addressing the symptoms. This way, he can get rid of the problem and make sure it stays gone.