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Our Holistic Medicine Approach – St. Cloud, FL

How We Consider the Whole You

Man jogging happily after receiving holistic medicine treatment

Your body is one big interconnected system, and you can’t treat a single part of it without affecting the others. This is frequently forgotten by doctors in all disciplines, but Dr. Derek Murphy utilizes a more comprehensive approach that considers all aspects of health and wellness. By taking a patient’s entire body and lifestyle into account when applying treatment that takes a holisitic medicine approach for St. Cloud, FL patients, he can help someone address the source of their acute problem and form lifelong habits that will continue to improve their wellbeing long after their sickness or injury becomes a distant memory.


Two people preparing food for diet

The foods and drinks you regularly consume cannot only influence your weight, but your metabolism, energy level, as well as your body’s ability to heal and respond to treatment. Rather than offering every patient the one “magical diet” that will solve all their problems, Dr. Murphy will put together a plan designed just for you that combines your unique tastes and needs into a program you can easily follow.


Nutritious foods laid out on table

Nutrition refers to the types and amounts of nutrients the body needs to operate at an optimal level, and the requirements of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds are vastly different from person to person. In many cases, a lack of proper nutrition can slow down a patient’s recovery or even make their condition worse! Dr. Murphy will analyze your nutritional needs so he can help your body get the fuel it requires to feel better and work properly.


Powdered supplement

The world we live today is very different than generations ago. Research has shown that compared to the 1940s the soil our plants grows have 1/5th the nutrients now. Pair that with processed that have low nutrient value and full of preservatives we now live in a society with deficiencies in our diets Supplements help people get the nutrients that they are no longer getting due to processed food or low nutrients in our crops. When properly used, they can help a patient have more energy, lose weight faster, and experience less pain and unpleasant symptoms from day-to-day.


Herbs in a bowl

Sometimes the best medicine comes directly from nature. Rather than prescribing you medication that has ingredients barely any human can pronounce, Dr. Murphy can provide a patient with herbal supplements that are supported by science and shown to help those dealing with a wide variety of chronic pain and sickness.


Hand holding acupuncture needles

Acupuncture has been around since the days of Ancient China, and the reason for this is simple—it offers a consistent and non-invasive solution for a long list of musculoskeletal problems. Dr. Murphy actually provides medical acupuncture, which combines this ancient technique with modern medical knowledge to deliver even faster relief and better results.


Doctor performing osteopathic manipulative treatment

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is a hands-on technique that involves Dr. Murphy moving and directing parts of the body in ways that relieve chronic pain and release restricted joints. It basically allows him to use your body’s natural mechanics to your advantage, offering treatment that helps you feel better without any risk of side effects.