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About Our Holistic Medicine Office – St. Cloud, FL

How We Can Help You Finally Heal

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Your life doesn’t have to be defined by your chronic pain or ongoing disease anymore. With Dr. Derek Murphy, there is hope for the future for countless patients thanks to his years of experience, ability to combine traditional and cutting-edge treatments, and commitment to providing care that is 100% personalized for each patient’s body and goals. As a holistic medicine doctor in St. Cloud, he won’t just treat your problem, but rather treat YOU as a complete entity, enabling your body to heal and your mind to recover so you can enjoy optimal health and wellness for years to come.

Fix Root Causes, Not Just Symptoms

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Many longstanding and often recommended treatments only address the surface element of a health problem, whether that be pain or exhaustion. Most of the time, this comes in the form of medication, which often brings with it unpleasant side effects. Dr. Derek Murphy goes beyond a patient’s symptoms and strives to discover what is causing them in the first place, and then he can apply therapy that directly treats it. By doing so, he can help a patient overcome their daily issues and start to fully recover.

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Holistic & Natural Personalized Approach

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Your body is 100% unique in the way it interacts with the world and deals with injury and sickness. It is completely different compared to everyone else, but Western medicine forgets this frequently, forcing patients with a particular problem to use the same treatment, which usually leads to mixed results and frustration. Not only will Dr. Murphy take the time to fully understand your body and what’s ailing it before recommending treatment, but that treatment will consider your whole body, not just the unwell portion. He’ll also recommend therapies that are designed to work with your natural ability to heal, stimulating and focusing it so you feel better from head to toe.

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Medical Acupuncture & Manipulations

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If you’re currently dealing with chronic pain and have been told that your only options are taking strong medication or undergoing invasive surgery, Dr. Murphy is eager to show you some alternative solutions that have delivered fantastic results for other patients in similar situations. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) allows Dr. Murphy to utilize your body’s natural mechanics to relax strained muscles and bring back balance to an injured area, all by moving your limbs and joints in prescribed ways. He can also offer medical acupuncture, which combines this old form of medicine with modern medical knowledge to help patients feel like themselves again. Without pills or incisions, these approaches can make your pain virtually disappear.

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