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Holistic Medicine Considers the Whole You

We understand your medical journey has likely had some detours. Let’s get you back on track.

Are you tired of doctors pushing prescriptions as a cure-all? If you’re anything like most medically compromised patients, you’ve experienced the fundamental disadvantages of this approach. The facts are simple: there is no cure-all – side-effects oftentimes outweigh the benefits – and prescriptions do not treat underlying problems…just mask them. Dr. Murphy takes a completely different approach.

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Effectively Treat Chronic Conditions

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Fix Root Causes, Not Just Symptoms

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Holistic & Natural Personalized Approach

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Medical Acupuncture & Manipulations

Meet Dr. Derek Murphy

Are you not being heard or truly listened to? When seeking medical help, are you prescribed prescription drug after prescription drug? Do you feel like no one has taken the time to truly understand the root cause of your issues?

You’re not alone.

There is a better way.

Dr. Derek Murphy is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in St. Cloud who uses wellness functional medicine to help his patients’ bodies function as they are intended after developing pain or sickness. Using an integrative approach, he can combine Eastern and Western medicine to help find the source and use other tests not traditionally used to find many common disorders that patients suffer from like leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, and many other disorders till they come see us.

Over the years, he’s had a lot of success helping people finally overcome chronic autoimmune conditions, general anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. He’s done this by combining orthopedics with medical acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation. These techniques allow him to take an individualized approach that addresses the root of these issues rather than just treating the symptoms, so a patient enjoys lasting health and wellness.

Meet Dr. Murphy

Saint Cloud Florida Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Derek Murphy D ODerek Murphy, D.O.

5-Star Reviews

We Go Above & Beyond. And, It Shows.

“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2007. It has been a long battle which has resulted in multiple medications, infusions, a surgery to remove 2 feet of my intestines as well as many missed workdays and events. It has been debilitating and exhausting. I first heard about Dr. Murphy through my sister. I started researching information about medicinal cannabis and it seemed to be a possible option for me. I scheduled my appointment with Dr. Murphy and he was very informative. We had a thorough discussion to see if this was a good fit for me. He gave me his recommendations and told me everything I would need to know. This has been one of the best decisions I have made. I’m currently in full remission and am getting my energy back as well as feeling great! Thank you, Dr. Murphy!”

Jen, Plymouth, FL

“It's hard to find a good doctor these days. Dr. Murphy is a great doctor who stands out amongst most others. From the first visit, it's evident that he loves what he does. He really listens and communicates with his patients. By having an open dialog, he empowers and helps you take control of making the best medical decisions possible. My husband and I travel an hour to see him – a real testament of his excellence and dedication to his patients and medicine.”

Anita G., Altamonte Springs, FL

“Dr. Murphy loves what he does and loves his patients. I was a referral and have referred others. He's very friendly and explains things very well.”

Shannon L., Winter Park, FL

“Presently I am a snowbird and I I was fortunate enough to find Dr Derek Murphy in Florida.. He actually was recommended to me by another physician I use. What makes him so special? Besides being a medical physician Dr. Murphy went above and beyond his medical training to study and specialize in Functional Medicine. This is a unique field that should be used more frequently by the medical profession.”

"My medical issue is one of a GI nature with no cure. Dr. Murphy listened to me, asked me questions and started me on an amino acid regime. Since using the amino acid daily my symptoms and discomfort is now minimized and tolerable. No prescription medication! "

"Dr. Murphy also explains what he’s giving you and why. You walk out of the visit with easy to understand information."

"I wish I could continue seeing Dr. Murphy, but geographically it’s not possible."

Barbara, Philadelphia, PA

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Whole-Body, Functional Medicine

The Holistic Medicine Wellness Center Approach

Dr. Derek Murphy’s advanced training in functional and metabolic medicine allows patients independence from traditional Western methods. As both a physician and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Dr. Murphy prides himself on getting to the root cause of chronic pain, inflammation, and debilitating autoimmune disorders.

- How We Consider the Whole You -



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