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HTMA Test – Orlando, FL

Valuable Insight Into Your Body’s Needs

Woman touching hair before HTMA test in Orlando

Many people think of the hair on their head as a solely aesthetic feature. Its color, texture, length, and thickness can all make a big difference in your overall appearance. However, your hair is also a rich source of information! It can give you and Dr. Murphy valuable insight into your overall health. On this page, you will learn what the hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test from our Orlando, FL holistic medicine team is and how it can provide you with the insight you need to make beneficial lifestyle changes.

Why Choose Holistic Medicine Wellness Center for an HTMA Test?

  • Gain Valuable Insight into Your Health
  • Receive Personalized Help to Understand the Test Results
  • Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

What Is a Hair Test?

Lab technician using microscope to analyze hair sample

On average, each hair on your head grows for about 2 – 6 years before it falls out. Throughout that time, tiny blood vessels feed the base of each individual hair, so traces of minerals and nutrients from your diet can be found in your hair. Your hair also contains your body’s natural oils, sweat, and trace amounts of toxins that you have been exposed to.

If you opt to take an HTMA test, a laboratory will examine a sample of your hair for mineral analysis. The results will reveal useful information about your health and may let Dr. Murphy know whether you require dietary changes or nutrient supplementation.

Specific Information Gained from a Hair Test

Curled lock of blond hair against white background

A normal HTMA hair test measures:

  • 20 nutrient minerals, including magnesium, chromium, zinc, copper, and more.
  • 6 – 8 toxic minerals, such as lead, aluminum, arsenic, and mercury. The test results will let you know whether your levels of these minerals are excessive or within an acceptable range.
  • Ratios between specific minerals. You will learn whether the ratios are low, balanced, or excessive.

Because you keep the hair on your head for months to years, an HTMA test can provide information about both the past and present state of your health. This is quite different from a blood test, which provides information that only covers a specific point in time.

How Does an HTMA Test Work?

Doctor and patient discussing results of hair test

A hair test involves a fairly simple process. First, a small amount of hair will be harvested. In many cases, it is possible to remove the hair in a discreet way that will not adversely affect your appearance. You should tell our team about any hair products you use because they might affect the test’s results. Then, the hair will be sent to a laboratory, which will perform tests on the hair to produce a report about its mineral content.

When the results of your test are ready, Dr. Murphy will discuss them with you. He will also recommend your next steps for improving your health. He may advise you to make dietary changes to improve the balance of key nutrients in your body, undergo chelation to get rid of heavy metals that have accumulated in your blood, or get old mercury dental fillings removed. In some cases, he recommends further testing before recommending a specific course of action.

Are you curious to learn what your hair says about your health? Contact us today to arrange for an HTMA test.