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Functional Health Reports/Lab Testing – Orlando, FL

Understanding Your Body Leads to Improved Health

Functional health reports/lab testing in Orlando document on clipboard

As a holistic physician, Dr. Murphy is deeply interested in the overall health of his patients. To help him figure out your unique needs, he may order one or more tests. The test results can give him insight into how your body is working and provide you with highly personalized recommendations on what you can do to feel and function your best. On this page, you will learn about some of the specific tests he often uses to learn about his patients’ needs.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Collected hair sample, ready for tissue mineral analysis

A hair tissue mineral analysis from Trace Elements uses a small sample of your hair to measure levels of 35 minerals in your body, including calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, and more. The patient copy of the report includes easy-to-understand graphic illustrations of mineral levels and ratios. You’ll also learn about your metabolic type, which supplements could benefit you, and dietary recommendations.

Functional Health Report

Collection of empty cups for collecting urine

Conventional physicians may order blood work, but the results are often confusing for patients. A functional health report from Evexia Diagnostics provides a paragraph of explanation for every abnormality that is revealed by a blood test. It can provide insight into dietary shortcomings, which supplements could be beneficial, or if further testing is necessary.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Gloved hand holding container for collecting stool

If you are concerned about gastrointestinal health, Dr. Murphy may recommend a stool test. A GI Effects Stool Profile can help to rule out causes of inflammation, dysbiosis (an imbalance of gut microorganisms), infections, parasites, worms, leaky gut, and more. A unique aspect of this test is that the laboratory performs a Kirby Bauer antibiotic sensitivity panel for herbs. This allows Dr. Murphy to recommend specific herbs that can kill harmful bacteria in the body.


View from behind patient holding Blood Panel Report document

This unique urine test can provide information on your vitamin deficiencies, what you should eat to compensate for those deficiencies, how your body breaks down different macronutrients, how you process neurotransmitters, and more. It can even let Dr. Murphy know whether your diet is anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory. Additionally, it can show how you process vitamins genetically and give information about heavy metals and toxins in your body.

Genetic Testing

Illustration of DNA strand under magnifying glass

There are a range of tests that can analyze your genetics and provide insight into how you process certain vitamins, how your body detoxes, and your risk levels for various diseases. Dr. Murphy often orders genetic tests, such as those that analyze methylation in the body, for individuals who are struggling with refractory depression or fatigue.