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Myofascial Release vs. Massage: What’s the Difference?

March 14, 2023

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Man relaxing during myofascial release session

Do you suffer from back pain, muscle pain, and similar symptoms? Medication and rest may be able to provide a degree of relief, but in many cases, further intervention is necessary. You might be thinking about visiting a massage therapist or a care provider who offers myofascial release. What’s the difference between these two treatments? Read on to learn some details about myofascial release vs. massage.

How Are They Similar?

Myofascial release and massage both involve the expert use of pressure and gentle manipulation to promote pain relief and other benefits. Both can be quite relaxing and help your body to function its best. However, that is where the similarities end.

How Are They Different?

Here are a couple of key differences between myofascial release and massage:

  • Purpose. Massage can loosen tight muscles and provide other benefits via the manipulation of soft tissues beneath the skin. However, it typically cannot address pain in the body’s connective tissues. Myofascial release is more focused in its intentions. It deals exclusively with the myofascial tissues, a network of connective tissues throughout the body that play a large role in how your muscles and joints operate.
  • Techniques. There are various types of massages, which may involve oils or lubricants. Myofascial release does not use such items. Plus, whereas massage may involve continuous motions, myofascial release requires that the care provider apply sustained pressure to certain areas for a few minutes at a time.

Which Is Right for You?

Both massage and myofascial release can be beneficial, but how can you determine which one is better for your unique situation?

In most cases, massage is best if you are coping with muscle tension or soreness due to a strenuous exercise routine or long hours spent sitting at a desk. Massage could help you relax and improve your body’s overall functioning.

Myofascial release may be called for if you are dealing with persistent pain or discomfort that does not seem to respond to icing and rest. It can be part of a treatment plan for a range of conditions, including myofascial pain syndrome, generalized muscle pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, chronic headaches, and venous insufficiency.

An osteopathic physician may be the best person to evaluate your symptoms and design a treatment plan to increase your mobility, decrease your pain, and improve your overall wellness.

Meet the Practice

Under the leadership of Dr. Derek Murphy, Holistic Medicine Wellness Center provides a range of treatments that are designed to help patients cope with painful conditions and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Myofascial release is among the many services we offer. To learn more about how we may be able to serve you, get in touch with our St. Cloud office at 407-319-7541.

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