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What Is OMT? How Does It Work?

January 25, 2023

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Doctor touching patient’s shoulder during OMT session

Aches and pains may seem like an inevitable part of daily life. You might use pain relievers to cope, or you may just “tough it out.” But did you know there is a treatment that might be able to help you find long-term relief? It is called osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT). What exactly is OMT, and how does it work? Read on below to discover the answers.

What Is OMT?

OMT is a treatment performed by an osteopath, a skilled physician who has completed medical school. It involves hands-on manipulation of the body that is meant to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including sports injuries, sciatica, headaches, TMD, overuse injuries, back pain, and more. It has even shown promise as a way to address anxiety, depression, bronchitis, and other illnesses.

Visually, OMT looks similar to traditional physical therapy. However, the techniques and principles behind it are quite different. Whereas physical therapy focuses on using repeated exercises to strengthen the body and improve mobility, OMT employs precise bodily movements and massages to restore proper fluid movement throughout the body and achieve results.

How Does OMT Work?

If you are interested in OMT, you should schedule a consultation with an osteopath. During your initial evaluation, they will learn about your symptoms and ask if you have been diagnosed with any specific conditions. They will visually assess your posture, spine, balance, muscles, and gait. They may also palpate (touch) your back, legs, and arms to search for any issues that may be causing pain.

OMT can involve a number of different techniques, such as massage, manual manipulation, resistance, and more. OMT is generally very relaxing. In some patients, it produces a tingling sensation. It is possible that you will experience some muscle soreness following your sessions, but that is to be expected as part of your body’s healing process.

How Long Does It Take to Notice Results from OMT?

Some patients experience improvement in their symptoms after just one session. Usually, though, multiple sessions are necessary before optimum pain relief is achieved. If you are dealing with a chronic condition, rather than an acute injury, it may take longer for your osteopathic doctor to help you heal. That is because chronic conditions may have been around for years and have caused significant damage to your body.

OMT is a natural, noninvasive therapy that has the potential to heal your body and provide long-lasting pain relief! If you are discouraged by aches and pains, it is certainly worth looking into.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Derek Murphy is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who takes a holistic approach to patient care. He offers numerous forms of osteopathic manipulative treatment in our comfortable Saint Cloud office. If you have questions about OMT, Dr. Murphy and our team are eager to speak with you. Contact Holistic Medicine Wellness Center at 407-319-7541.

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