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How Can Medical Acupuncture Help Musculoskeletal Conditions?

October 14, 2022

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Gloved hand inserting medical acupuncture needles into patient’s back

Do you struggle with musculoskeletal pain? Common treatments for this problem include things like medication, exercise, physical therapy, and other conventional treatments. All such therapies have their place. But did you know that medical acupuncture may be able to help as well? This blog post delves into what medical acupuncture is and how it might be able to provide relief for individuals who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions.

What Is Medical Acupuncture?

Acupuncture involves the use of small needles inserted into the body at strategic locations. There are two broad categories of acupuncture.

Traditional acupuncture is thousands of years old. It originated in ancient China, where it was believed to restore the flow of “Qi,” a type of energy that flows through the body. Medical acupuncture is quite different. It is thoroughly evidence-based. Rather than focusing on mystical energy, it stimulates the central nervous system. In turn, this releases certain chemicals throughout the body, which can aid in healing and pain relief.

Medical Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Many patients complain of joint and muscle pain well before modern imaging techniques can reveal any problems. If that is true of you, medical acupuncture may be able to ease your discomfort and prevent permanent damage to your body.

If you have already been diagnosed with a musculoskeletal condition, medical acupuncture may still be able to help you. Various studies have shown it to be an effective way of relieving the pain from rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, lower back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

In many cases, acupuncture provides relief similar to what you might experience with more conventional treatments, such as medication, but without any unpleasant side effects. You can expect to experience optimum results when you combine acupuncture therapy with healthy lifestyle choices, including a balanced diet and a reasonable exercise problem.

What to Expect with Medical Acupuncture

If you are interested in medical acupuncture, request a consultation with a physician who is trained to offer it. They will strive to thoroughly understand your condition before they recommend any specific treatments. If it looks like medical acupuncture will be a fit for you, you can expect a relaxing experience.

An acupuncture session may last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. The needles might produce a pinching sensation as they are inserted, but many patients do not feel them at all. You may experience some pain relief after just one session. However, you may need several visits before you notice the full benefits of your treatment. After some healing has occurred, you should continue to attend periodic acupuncture sessions for continued results.

Medical acupuncture is a safe, conservative, and effective way to find relief from musculoskeletal pain. It may become an important part of your overall wellness routine!

Meet Dr. Murphy

Dr. Derek Murphy is a Holistic Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. He offers medical acupuncture and a range of other conservative, effective treatments. If you would like to learn how he may be able to help you enjoy pain relief and an overall healthier life, contact our office at 407-319-7541.

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